Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Potential recording dates for the SNL video:

Sat, April 4
Sat, April 11
Fri, April 17
Sat, April 18
Fri, April 24 (right after cum laude, day of physics fest)

PLEASE EMAIL ME or respond here with any of the dates that work for you (the more the better)

Our teacher list as of right now is as follows:

  • Becker (red hair, glasses)-
  • Matthews (with mr becker, TAGTEAM)-
  • Doc Sal (his rants, muppets)-
  • P Rob (bitter comments, bicycle)-
  • TJ (great metaphors)-
  • Vargas (HOLA CHICAS!!!!)-
  • Colette (fluffy happiness)-Emily A
  • Butler (curly hair)-Elena
  • F-J (on video screen, evil glares)-
  • Sullivan -Elizabeth S
  • Stein (techy, corny jokes, macbook obsession)-
  • Fournier (beanie baby cat, mole day)-
  • Morrison (shawl, awkwardness)-
So we need people for each of these characters. Some are dispensable but the more the merrier!
comment again if you feel that there is someone who would be a) willing to participate and b) fitting of the description.

OUR STORYBOARD as of right now is outlined below:
  1. Opening: band and host (monologue)
  2. Commercial #1 (cafeteria mayhem)
  3. faculty meeting skit (lead off with dr. j / lanyard discussion on how to discipline, accessories with the lanyard, and problems ie if the doors just won't open / food at the meetings, wraps)
  4. facebook update: (shot in the library, involve teachers)
  5. commercial #2 (snuggies are now a part of the uniform)
  6. closing (band and host)
  7. credits read by ms sullivan and her puppet
YAY! So now that you're super inspired after reading this looooong post, what can you do? well let me tell you! you can cast classmates and friends as teachers, you can think of awesome and AWKWARD situations that they can be put into (the more awkward the more comedic I always say), you can photoshop a snuggie to include SS stripes or logo, you can think of awesome things to be a part of facebook update, or you can brush up on your movie making skills :)

or you can shower me with ideas so we can all make this an awesome project. you all inspire me! LOVE.